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August 24, 2018



I have first hand experience surrendering a dog (my daughters dog, actually), a beautiful mixed breed 4 year old that unfortunately my daughter or myself could not keep. The volunteers and staff at the richmond spca are the cream of the crop. They are unbelievable! The care and love they give each dog and cat is remarkable. My beautiful grand-dog now has a forever home because of "clean out the shelter". When he was adopted that day, I received a call from the spca letting me know about his new owners. A call that other shelters would not have made. The no kill shelter is a concept that some people can never appreciate. I know, and anyone else that has done business with you knows, that what you do everyday for those lonely sweet furry critters, is only appreciated by animal lovers. People who do not own a cat or dog have no idea how a pet can make your life sooo much happier! How much do you want to bet, the woman that wrote the offensive article, doesn't even own a pet!
Keep up the good work Richmond SPCA, and I will continue to tell everyone I know what a fantastic job you are doing.

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