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December 18, 2017


PR Lau

Williams' heart felt testimony sends a strong message that there ARE ANGELS in this world....quite a few of them just happen to have four legs!
We all need to reach out and do our part to support this vital resource of compassion, support and unconditional LOVE! Let us show the "angels" our gratitude for them being a part of our lives.

PR Lau

OH....I should have put it in my last comment: "Although no other soul could replace Titan Kitty's beautiful soul and temperament nor Serenos' gentleness and radiance of unconditional love, I am now, as well as William, the PROUD FATHERS of Yin and Yang! They have come into our hearts and souls to help ease the pain and filled our home with joy.
They sensed our love and commitment to them and have settled into their permanent home so beautifully....they are wonderful additions to our home. It's an omen that their names reflect a force of balance, as their arrival to us has brought peace and equilibrium to us!

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