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September 01, 2017



I believe that any responsible pet owner sees their pets as family members and feels the same kind of fear and pain when they are in danger. Some may question how one can feel such extreme emotion for "just an animal", but I think there are enough people out there who understand. When we choose to bring animals into our homes, we take on the responsibility of keeping them safe, healthy, and happy. We have graciously earned their trust to do so and in return, we get so much more.
If I was somehow unable to reach my animals in a disaster and some kind soul came in and rescued them...if one person, or a group of people contributed to that effort, the depth of my gratitude would be immeasurable.
So many things seem to be viewed in a polarized manner lately. If I care about this, then I can't care about that. If I put effort into this, I don't have room to put effort into that. So many selfless people are stepping in of their own volition and helping any way they can and all anyone should be doing is saying thank you.

Chris reed

The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated
Mahatma Gandhi

Cheryl Crawford

I don't see relief efforts as an 'either or' situation. it seems the ones who offer criticism are the ones who suffer from'whataboutism' whenever a topic comes up that they are personally opposed to. I just don't feel it necessary to justify where I spend my money, and have already given to animal relief in Texas. I have wondered if our SPCA will be taking in homeless animals from the flood area.

Casey Williams

I appreciate this article and will be sharing the link on FB. We cannot overlook the fact that once humans decide to have domesticated animals (or to hold wild animals in captivity) we enter into an implicit covenant to take responsibility for them. There dependence on us renders them unable to protect themselves during natural and unnatural (war) disasters. Humans created and perpetuate this situation and so the animals cannot be forgotten during crisis.

Tabitha Treloar

Hi Cheryl,

I apologize for not replying to your comment sooner. In the immediate aftermath of Harvey, the Richmond SPCA reached out to both the HSUS and the ASPCA, two organizations we've worked with in emergency response in the past. We let them know that the Richmond SPCA was able and willing to assist, and this also applies with respect to animals now affected by Hurricane Irma. So far, we have not been told how or when our offer may be activated, but we will certainly share any developments with our supporters.

Thank you for your love of animals!
Tabitha Treloar
Director of Communications

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