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February 29, 2016


Donald McClelland


Karen Gammon

I almost laughed when I read PETA's statement that the animals they so freely dispose of are "dying anyway." Every living thing fits that category! I see their pitiful excuse as success on the part of the Richmond SPCA and all those who embrace their philosophy of "every life is precious." Those of us who are familiar with the past hurdles the Richmond SPCA has overcome know that eventually PETA will have to do an overhaul or die as well.
Huge thanks to Robin Starr for keeping us all so well-informed.

Erin Jennings

I live in the Norfolk/Virginia Beach area and contacted PETA to schedule a spay for my 4 month old female pitbull since my Vet informed me that I should not be afraid to list her breed on her veterinarian records, that in fact it should help me with her spay surgery. She encouraged me in saying PETA will spay pitbulls for free. I was told PETA receives a grant for this service. When I set up the appointment and mentioned pitbull I was not asked about income or told about this service so I inquired since she was a pitbull why would I have to pay if they have a grant for spays on pitbulls? I was told it was only for low income. I stated that I am low income. I make less than 25,000. annually. I was told I had to be on some type of public assistance in order to receive the free spay. Wow!!! Needless to say I have cancelled the appointment. A wonderful co-worker agreed to split the cost with me to have our local SPCA do the surgery. False advertising and misappropriation of funds and grants may be something to add to their list. Thank you Robin Starr for stating the facts.

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