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January 13, 2016


Bonny Moore

It appears this bill has not yet made it out of committe and I do not see the Agriculture committee's agenda posted on the legislative website as of yet. I will be contacting my Delegate to oppose this, but it would be wonderful if we could keep this from leaving committee. Has anyone seen a statement from Delegate Orrock on his intentions with these bills? I could not find any mention from him on his thoughts in sponsoring them.

Rich Terrell

Well said Robin. Private shelters should be required to make legitimate attempts to find homes for animals, not to simply be a factory for euthanizing animals. I emailed my delegate (Mr. Lee Ware) on this topic - we unfortunately had opposing views last go around and he voted nay to SB1381. I am hoping that both he and some of the other delegates that did not support SB1381 initially will reject these bills from Mr. Orrock.

Tabitha Treloar

Hi Bonny,

This is the opening day of the General Assembly, so there has been no action from committees at this stage. Please continue expressing your views to Del. Ware, regardless of his past positions, he should hear from his constituents on this.

We have not seen a statement from Del. Orrock, but you might consider posing that to him on his Facebook page.

Thank you for your comment and your advocacy on this issue.

Tabitha Treloar
Director of Advancement

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