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December 18, 2015


Lee Anne Holdren

Excellent post. I hope the Virginian-Pilot publishes it.


Peta is despicable! What a disgraceful letter to send out at Christmas time! Mrs. Starr's response is very well written and facts of the good these other non-profits cannot be disputed.

Jill Tinsley

Thank you for your clear & concise response to Peta's continued craziness. How can we make their madness stop? They clearly don't have homeless animals best interest by euthanize at such a high percentage rate.

as i've said before-"preach it ,sister!" peta wants no pets in captivity. until their donations(by well-meaning, but clueless people) dry up, they will have the monies to twist its real agenda.

Jeff Melton

Excellent job of specifically rebutting PETA's various ridiculous claims. I wish you would edit out the ableist language ("crazy," "insane"), though. Anyway, thanks for fighting so hard for the right of companion animals, homeless or otherwise, to live out their lives.

Lesley Hollowell

Thank you for this intelligent and specific response to the ravings of PETA, an organization I am ashamed to have operating in Virginia. Thanks too for your many years of unflagging work on behalf of animals in need. Your compassion and dedication set the standard for all animal welfare agencies operating with a conscience.

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