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July 15, 2015


Linda Maroney

I am so angry after reading this, I can't believe that this newspaper would do this again. Where do they find people with these ideas?? Years ago Pit Bull type dogs were called the "Nanny Dog" because they took care of and watched out for the children not because they attacked and ate them. Any dog can have bad qualities, big or small, but usually these bad qualities are a human's fault not the dog's. Yes there are some good breeders but they are few and far between. You can find any breed or size of dog you want if you do your homework and check out animal shelters or rescue organizations. Show dogs are usually treated as things to own and breed to make more show dogs and when they are no longer show dogs they are sold or worse. People who truly love dogs don't care whether the dog is perfect or not, we just want a dog who will love us. I don't need a show judge to tell me my dog is perfect, I know he is!

Karen Tate

I am shocked and appalled at the Roanoke Times for publishing this without doing thier homework to make sure it is factual... any good journalist always does thier homework to make sure what they print is factual... but apparently the Roanoke Times does not believe in this... they are looking to make head lines and sensualize the articles just to get readers.
Roanoke Times please start looking into what you print and make sure it is factual... I have had many a dog and I am around Rescue dogs quite frequently and yes they are pitbulls and I have yet to meet one that has tried to attack me or my two rescue dogs.... stop this nonsense!! and find something else to get readers!

Tanya Morgan

I say we boycott The Roanoke Times!!! Their bigotry is evident on many topics....especially Pitt Bulls....Which I might add is very unfounded....People are who you should fear not the Pitties...and sadly this could prevent potential adopters from saving an animal just because of an unfounded newspaper article and a woman that has no idea what she is talking about...I hope they are happy!

Donna Essig

Robin, Our group - The Franklin County Humane Society/Planned Pethood Clinic and Adoption Center have pulled our ads from the Roanoke Times over their latest attack on rescue dogs and pit bulls in particular. Someone on their editorial board definitely has an anti pit bull bias. The photo and headline were over the top.

Pat Small

I do rescue dog transport and over nights for many different rescue groups throughout the East coast. When I see the dogs listed I quickly look for any "pits" that might be on the list and if I see one that dog is the first one I ask to have as a passenger. They are always my co-pilot and sit quietly tethered in the front seat with me. I also ask for the "pits" to be my house quests on over nights. I have had many in my car and at my house and I have NEVER had an issue with any of them. They seem to be aware that they have been saved and are so full of love. There are many photos in my picture album of these wonderful dogs sitting in my lap and giving me lots of hugs and doggie kisses. People should never judge a book by its cover and should never attempt to alienate people against a breed they obviously know nothing about.

Jo Ann Abell

Everyone should band together and buy a full page ad in the Times that features pictures of "pit bulls" as the loving family pets they are.

Betty Puckett

I cannot understand this bigotry against the Pitt Bull breed! It is clearly how the dog is trained and treated! Hateful, cruel, heartless people should be punished to the full extent of the law for dog fighting! What in the world is going on with this newspaper? I do not believe that any breed is inherently bad! Boycott the Roanoke Times!!!
Hearts of these people who mistreat these dogs are evil, they are the ones not to be trusted! Please continue to rescue these poor, homeless, precious animals! God bless!

Kara Pennino Mills

I am the owner of three, yes three, pitbull type rescues. A dog is a dog and doesn't know it's a "pitbull" any more than the neighbors "prize winning poodle" knows it's a poodle.

My first pittie, was locked in the trunk of a car with three siblings, and a bag of dog food for two weeks. Two of them survived. My baby had been neglected, beaten and mistreated. His two front legs had both been broken. Even with all of this done to him, by someone who I would consider to be less that human for mistreating a animal this way..he is the warmest, most loving, loyal dog. He is great with children. He is good with other dogs.

I would encourage this paper to do their research and get to know the "type" they write about.. Stereotyping is just wrong. There are so many wonderful, loving dogs waiting to be adopted and loved..and to live in return for being "rescued" ..

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