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May 08, 2015


Karen R. Beard

wondering how an individual can spay or neuter a cat that does not belong to them?

Tabitha Treloar

Karen, feral cats residing in colonies have no owner and have adapted to living independently outdoors. Community volunteers are depended upon to humanely trap these cats for the purpose of having them spayed or neutered and vaccinated against rabies in a veterinary clinic such as the one operated at our humane center and then returning them to the outdoor environment where they have been living. Nothing in Virginia law precludes them from engaging in this activity among cats of no ownership.

Pat Bishop

Thank you that is GREAT news.Keep up the great work Richmond SPCA and Operation CatNip!

Mary Harvey-Halseth

Thank goodness here are volunteer groups that continue to do this!

annie pelfrey

Way to Go! the caretakers are hard-working in maintaining cats that were abandoned by others-they do not need to be harassed for doing the right thing. we all benefit from TNR.

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