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March 27, 2015


Lisa Garr

So disturbing...I know of many people who are willing to adopt sick animals- my dog is a perfect example. He was a stray on the streets of Miami who had horrible Demodectic Mange. We adopted him and nursed him to health with no reservations. He is now healthy and 13 years old...a perfect example of what Robin is saying. Sick and injured animals should have a chance to heal and be adopted, not sent to the kill room. Shame on PETA.

Adri Golden

No more donations to PETA from me!

Wendy Tucker

So very glad to hear of this common sense decision! True animal shelters have nothing to fear, and I hope this helps put PETA out of business once and for all. This is a huge victory for animals!

Doreen Forbes

~~what a victory!...altho I know it isn't over, it's an amazing 1st step...congrats to all the hard work put in by those who care!!!

Bonnie Jones

Thank you for this story. I think when most people are educated about who PETA truly is, they will stop supporting PETA. I believe most PETA contributers were scammed by the group who falsely claims to help animals.

Michael Boshears

I'm sorry, but I will continue to support Peta. As one who has had a seriously--likely mortally--injured FIV cat show up at my doorstep and had to make the heartbreaking decision to euthanize him, I do understand that there are cases where euthanization is necessary. Having said that, there are some things Peta espouses with which I do not agree. Nevertheless, they are a force for good in this world and I believe that every animal rescue/welfare organization-including the SPCA-has benefited from their efforts. I researched the SPCA and see it's name connected with some pretty bad publicity too: not spending donated funds on animals and the like. Clean up your own house before you criticize another's.

Nancy Peters

PETA really needs to be stopped and people need to realize that they are not for saving animals. I absolutely will not support them.

Suzanne Cavallo

Why is PETA getting away with killing animals when they want the world to believe they advocates for animals??? They are disgraceful. They will never get another cent from me.

Brenda Jackson

If PETA doesn't get there name on the news or in the paper for saving animals then there not interested...They shouldn't even be involved in small animal rescue because there not any good at it so STOP PETA !!!

edna bodiam

My own personal belief is thst all animals deserve a happy life. .the no kill the only way forward. .treating older dogs with same respect is also part of the no kill equation. .I they r sick treat them. .every animal matters..euthenizia should only apply when situation for that animal is terminal.

Linda Keen

PETA needs to be stopped. They should have to obey the laws. Older animals and sick animals should have a right to have a chance to get better. The dog they took off the porch was not sick and they had no right to take that puppy from it's porch and kill it when the owner was taking care of it. I think charges should be taken against this organization and the ones responsible. I hope someone enforces these new laws and they don't get by with this treatment of older animals.

Stephanee Rose

It is heartbreaking for most of us to have to put down a suffering family member, as I did in 2004, for my 16 yr old feline son who was suffering from advanced kidney disease. It was 3 yrs before I could adopt again: my feline boys will be 8 next month! I shudder to think what could have happened if PETA operated in our NO-Kill City, Jacksonville, FL.


BTW, peta, since when is murdering animals ethical? This bill is a victory only if peta is prosecuted for murdering animals and shut down for good!

Marilyn Durst

What are they doing with $35,000,000.00 every year? Smaller rescues all over the country work very hard at finding homes for older, sick, injured or handicapped animals. Their dedication results in successful rehabilitation and rehoming of hundreds of thousands of animals every year. Without checking, I'm sure that not one of them has an annual budget than even approaches $35,000,000.00. If you want to support an animal welfare organization, choose one of those operating on a prayer and a promise. PETA needs to end.

Marilyn Durst

I have never donated a red cent to PETA and I never will. If, however, there is an effort to shut them down and donations for that are needed, let me know.

Tabitha Treloar

Michael Boshears, your financial support of PETA is certainly your choice, and we are strong advocates of well-informed philanthropy. As for the cat you describe on your doorstep, if he was in fact mortally injured and suffering, the decision you made to euthanize him was done under the true definition of that word “euthanize.” That is “the act or practice of killing or permitting the death of hopelessly sick or injured individuals (as persons or domestic animals) in a relatively painless way for reasons of mercy” and is consistent with the no-kill philosophy that the Richmond SPCA embraces. What we and other no-kill leaders object to is the taking of the life of an animal when the animal is healthy or could be restored to health with veterinary intervention (meaning, the animal is “treatable”). PETA has refused to respond when they have been asked about their own criteria for “euthanasia” determinations, as they were by Huffington Post editor Arin Greenwood in this article.

Regarding your research of our organization, there is no “the SPCA” or any grouping of humane organizations with SPCA in their name. The Richmond SPCA is an independent, local, private non-profit operating in Richmond, Virginia and is not a chapter or affiliate of any other local or national animal welfare organization. The accusation you’ve made of misappropriation of funding is baseless and has no connection with the operations of the Richmond SPCA, which has been recognized by Charity Navigator with their highest rating for fiscal responsibility, four stars, for multiple years. You can find our profile here.

Sandra Vawter

I too was duped into believing PETA is an organization protecting all animals. Recently, however I have found out the true facts about PETA and their practice of killing perfectly healthy animals. I will NEVER give them another penny of my hard earned income.

Thank you Richmond SPCA for all your diligence in the protection of all animals by passing the all important Bill.


Anyone who supports PETA is really uninformed or ignorant of the facts

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