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March 02, 2015


Debra Griggs

Thank you Robin!!!

annie pelfrey

preach it ,sister! we need to blow peta out of the Humane field!

Tammy Chabot

Thank you for all you do..may people see the light concerning how vile and unethical Peta is when it comes to companion animals.I pray they are finally shut down from their killing of cats and dogs.


Awesome article!!

Ann Early

Robin, can you get this published in the paper as a guest columnist or something? I truly cannot believe that paper, located in PETA territory, came out in support of their actions. It's as if they know nothing of their history, especially the NC trial. But they MUST know. So WHY come out as their mouthpiece?


Wonderful article! The Virginian-Pilot is my "hometown" newspaper and we locals have come to find that we can believe only half of what is written in that rag .. I never read their editorials because they are too "off track" for me! Ingrid Newkirk probably holds hands with them on other things, so they are trying to "lessen" the bad press! Thank you for being the organization that you are!!

Kim Wright

Thank you for not letting the VaPilot Peta spin go unnoticed by the rest of the state. They are in downward spiraling free fall right now and looking to take as many otherwise credible entities with them...

Robin Gray

Please contact the Virginian Pilot and tell them you would like this article in its entirety published in the Sunday paper.

People need to know the truth and not the spin PETA puts out and manages to have the uninformed repeat for them.

judith goodwin

thank you, the public needs to understand howcPeta lies about what they really do tomthe dogs and csts they take in, they are selfrightous mudrerers.

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