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February 19, 2015



Thank you for posting this. I am not in Virginia but am sincerely hope this passes.

Linda O'Connell

I live in Chesapeake, and we call PETA , people embarrassing the Tidewater area. You are correct when you say that PETA does nothing to help animals find homes. And they use the excuse that it's because the animal is sick or old. ??? Do we throw PETA away then? I say yes, let's throw PETA out of our state.


As a resident you can make a difference, SB 1381 is coming to vote on Monday, make sure your voice is heard!

Sydney Ashlin

we need to get this law passed

Dana Norwood

Among the definitions included in SB1381is Adequate Space, which allows that an animal may be maintained on a chain three times the length of it's body for it's entire life. Why is this not being amended in this legislative effort? Far more than 2,301 animals (the number of animals taken into PETA's custody in a given year) in Virginia languish on chains for their entire lives.

Tammy Zaluzney

Your friends at CAPA for Maryland support you and SB1831 100%


I got a robo call from PETA requesting me to write and call and oppose the bill. Of course I did not, but the slickness of their tactic alone made me suspicious. Spending money on robo Calls? People who advocate for just treatment of animals don't need to be incited to act justly.

Diana Maxwell

How can it be legal for PETA to take a pet off of private property? Why are they doing this? I will definitely write to my state legislator about this.

penny Hilton

Please pass senate bill 1381. It IS the RIGHT thing to do.


Nice post.


Please let me know what I can do to help. I live in Pennsylvania but will NEVER, EVER support PETA financially again and want desperately to pass this information along to whomever I can and end PETA's reign of killing animals.

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