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December 24, 2014


Karen Gammon

Oh dear, what a beautiful Christmas tale. Robin, thanks for sharing.

Dougie Kipps

Thanks for sharing Robin and Merry Christmas to all of the Staff and Volunteers at the Richmond SPCA. When I heard he was adopted it bought tears to my eyes and a smile on my face.

Linda Maroney

This brought tears to my eyes because, as a volunteer, I see so many loving animals that just want a forever home. Some may have a little age on them or they may not be as cute as others but they still deserve a loving home. Everyone at the SPCA works so hard to make sure that every dog or cat gets the love and attention that they deserve but sometimes it gets to you. My greatest gift is knowing that other people love animals as much as I do. Thank you Robin for all you do.

Claudia Yelton

Beautifully stated....there is goodness in the world that gives the heart a jump start of hope. Congratulations to all who love and care for Elvis.

Rachel and Roy Barnes

What an amazing road Elvis has had up to this new chapter in his life!!! The dedication and love he has received from everyone at the SPCA is truly an inspiration! Thanks for keeping us updated on Elvis' progress, and cograts to the little guy on his new home :-)

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