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August 04, 2014


Michelle Ross

Why is fox penning considered a sport?? I feel that it should be banned all together.

How is penning the foxes and then letting dogs chase and kill them entertaining??

Please, Virginians, grow up!!

Rebecca Lengua

Why allow such barbaric actions to be inflicted upon defenseless,captive, and PENNED animals in the first place? Surely civilized people see the outright cruelty of this practice. Please STOP now..

Pam hall

All animals deserve to be free and treated as one of gods wonderful creations not here for our entertainment like to put the people in cages.

carla king

why cage them? would you want that for yourself? what happened to WILDLIFE. geez.

Elaine Paphides

Sorry, but this is an outrage! Cannot be 'allowed' to continue! Right up there with dog fighting! How can you justify this and call us a 'civilized' society? Nothing but bloody and brutal and epitome of cruelty. Will fight this all the way! Stop it now!

Krysty Frick

There needs to be legislation put in place that bans this practice entirely. Thank you.

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