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January 17, 2014


Katarina Galvin

Well said! Thank you for taking a stand against PETA!

Linda Boggs

Wow..that is a great response. The facts are hard to dispute.
Good job Richmond SPCA and great job on all those holiday adoptions. Priority Auto will be my choice when searching for a car...or Dominion Chevrolet.
Nice work.

Katherine Harris

I have nothing but good things to say about our SPCA because I have seen nothing but good things and worked with all good people there. You do great work!

Lisa Garr

Amen! I feel like I should send PETA a pooper-scooper for their business !

Pat Small

PETA is a bunch of hypocrits who probably put down as many animals as they save if not more!!! I stopped supporting them years ago!!!

Scott Goode

I really don't want to get into this but feel I must. I have attachments to both groups. We have adopted 3 animals from the SPCA and had we had our wedding reception there (really). However I am also a former Animal Control Officer from Chester, SC at a shelter that was taken over by PETA because it was a horrible place. The "shelter" was a concrete pad with walls of chain link fence. The method of euthanasia was a leaky wood box and gas. If the animals were not dead by the time the prisoners came to bury them they had an ax handle. People knew that but their solution was to just take unwanted litters to a deserted road and dump them. PETA changed that. They arranged special deals to get animals spayed and neutered for a reasonable price and they prevented animals from being adopted without that happening. And the animals we could not get adopted (probably more than 80%) we cared for them for a week and then euthanized them. So the two of us, both vegans, had to capture and euthanize hundreds of animals a year. That was horrible but if we hadn't then they would have died poorly anyway, but not before creating another generation to suffer as they did.

So instead of arguing about kill rates can't we all work together to improve the conditions of all creatures? The animals deserve it. And yes that means stop eating them, too. Thanks.

annie pelfrey

peta is so ANTI animal welfare.i'm offended when the rest of us are lumped into their agenda.their donations need to dry up so the organization will go away.

Robin Robertson Starr

Scott, we appreciate your love of animals and greatly appreciate all you have done to support us. In order to make lifesaving progress, we must invest the resources necessary to build responsible and compassionate communities that don't treat animals as disposable. At the Richmond SPCA that is our mission in order to ensure that every healthy and treatable homeless pet in our community can one day be saved. It is true that the prospects for homeless animals in some communities are poor but they do not need to stay that way. We are well on our way to achieving a no-kill community here and it can be done elsewhere. When PETA disparages the no-kill philosophy and ignores empirical data that support its effectiveness and fails to put any of its vast resources into programs and progress that would change things for the better, we must set the record straight. Animal lives depend on it.

Vickie Cantelmo

Thank you, Robin, and Richmond SPCA for what you accomplish!

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