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August 05, 2013


Valerie Chafee

Great idea! As someone who has worked in the laundry room many times, it is a daunting task and it often feels like the piles of laundry never shrink. I will be happy to pick up a bag this weekend!

Stacy Deyerle

Tim, this is awesome. As the mom of an Animal Brigader, I know we would be game to pick up laundry on AB days and return it that week anytime. (We are sadly out of town this week or we would participate.)

Tracy Pouzar

I would be happy to do this anytime! We picked up 3 bags and the whole family helped out. My husband is dropping the cleaned and folded bags today! I could pick up a bag or two when I walk dogs one week and drop it off when I came to walk dogs the next week. Thanks for the opportunity to help out!

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