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August 26, 2013


annie pelfrey

finally,some common sense. she has worked so hard to do the right thing for cats that are innocent victims of ignorant owners.had she done nothing, the neighborhood would have an actual problem to deal with.

Lee Anne Holdren

Wonderfully stated, and as a Henrico resident, I truly hope that our county leaders realize that this is a positive outcome, and that no further action is pursued in this matter.

Linley Beckbridge

Such wonderful news! Thank you all for your dedication and hard work!

Jobi and Fisher

This is such happy news! I am just proud because I love cats - you must be in heaven! One step more...onward and upward.

Bonnie Carollin

If I was a Henrico County citizen I would be outraged at the use of taxpayer funds that was used to take this case all the way to the Virginia Supreme Court. I certainly hope voters will speak loudly next election and remove these insane officials from misuse of tax dollars.
Thank you to all who helped Ms. Mills through this unbelievable stress, to the lawyers, to the Justices of the VASC, and God Bless the kitties!!

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