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July 09, 2013


annie pelfrey

i believe peta wants NO animals being held in "captivity" by humans.
that's why those wackadoodles picked up adoptable kittens only to be killed illegally in their vans and thrown in dumpsters.
keep your donations in local community, and stop padding the bank accounts of the high- profile organizations .

Karen Gammon

Makes me sick that so much time, money and energy is wasted by PETA to fulfill their mission of being fanatical. Uninformed people see the name and think it is okay to help their cause, which, evidently, is not to save animals but to be noticed. What is even more upsetting is that the Richmond SPCA has to use their time and energy to defend the animals that are at the mercy of this horrible organization. All of us who love companion animals and live here in RVA should be so deeply thankful that we have the Richmond SPCA to not only treat all animals with respect and dignity but to also keep us informed about what is really happening in the animal care arena.

Nancy clark

I am a supporter of PETA but what is ethnic about what they are doing. i live in scotland and i will certainly with draw my support . there is no need to put old, healthy, young or agressive dogs tosleep this is awful


"We believe that the challenge of finding great homes for the ugly, the behaviorally challenged and the elderly is the very essence of our job and we do it with pride, energy and dedication. If you are not going to do these things to save animals’ lives, then you need to get out of the business of sheltering and leave it to those of us who will. PETA, this means you."

I don't know you, Richmond SPCA...but I love you.

susan dandorf

I do not support PETA! I will not support PETA! they kill more animals than the shelters do.

Gina Danna

PETA so needs to go! I'm appalled by this!

Suzan Speropoulos

I am so happy to see the truth come out as it is coming out. I have complained about these jerks for years, ever since they killed healthy animals in NC and threw them in a dumpster. It's such a shame they have the resources to help every animal they bring in and they choose to steal from the supporters instead and brainwash them with false promises. These people are horrible fanatics that the state of VA needs to shut down.

Carol Gillilie

PETA needs to either make their shelter a no-kill except for those beyond help - or get out of the cat and dog business and stick of farm animals, zoo animals etc.

MIchael Solomon

PETA needs to be dissolved completely and shut down. They need to be stopped. Blood crazed killers run the place in the name of saving animals, they kill thousands. Please write to your congressmen and complain about their practices.

Karin Hoad

People should donate to their local shelters where they can see where their money is going and how the animals are treated. We have a no-kill shelter in Costa Rica and you would be amazed at the old and disabled animals we find good homes for..sometimes takes a year or two but we do not give up.

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