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April 04, 2013


annie pelfrey

right on!
i've been posting all over on her being a known hoarder.
those who think she was just "overwhelmed" need to research the pathology.
she moved from Henrico to Goochland- will move somewhere else to continue the compulsion.
sad that it took a house fire for officials to take this seriously.

Eileen McAfee

Subsequent to Thompson's conviction in 2010 (upheld on Appeal in 2011), Goochland County Attorney Norman Sales vowed to initiate an ordinance limiting the number of animals a Goochland citizen can own, much like ordinances in many other counties. Instead, the County gave Thompson a license for 100 animals. Her animals not only included an overwhelming number of dogs and cats, but also multiple horses, chickens, sheep, goats, rabbits, a pet rat, a ferret and a pet raccoon

What were they thinking? How could any single person, especially one on an extremely limited income, possibly provide even routine care for 100 animals let alone veterinary care? They can't and therein lies the problem.

The laissez-faire attitude of public officials in remedying Thompson's violations of VA's Comprehensive Animal Laws once and for all, not only left her animals to suffer for years on end, it also left taxpayers to suffer the on-going burden of expenses associated with services to Thompson from 2005 to 2011:

1. State Veterinarian's Office (Inspectors Helsel, Kovich & Touroo)

2. VA Dept. of Consumer Affairs re solicitation of funds

3. VA Dept. of Agriculture Commissioners (Courter, Haymore and Lohr; Deputy Commissioners Blankenship and Adams)

4. VDACS Board of Agriculture

5. Goochland, Culpeper & Charlottesville Magistrates (Chief Magistrate Dixon, Hawk & Ayala)

6. VA Supreme Court

7. Goochland General District Court Judge Carpenter

8. Culpeper Substitute Judge Morton

9. Goochland Circuit Court Judge Sanner

10. Goochland Commonwealth Attorney Claiborne Stokes and Deputy C.A. Nancy Oglesby

11. Goochland County Attorney Norman Sales

12. Goochland Sheriff's Office and Court Bailiffs

13. Goochland Animal Control ("Corky" Marks, Tim Clough, Bobby Herndon)

14. Goochland Administrator Rebecca Dickson

15. Support staff for all the above agencies

A repeat of the foregoing expenses begins anew now in 2013. Hopefully this next time around, Thompson will have to surrender all her animals and the court will prohibit her from owning any more. Please, do her, the animals and taxpayers a favor.

Eileen McAfee
Henrico, VA

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