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December 05, 2012


Karen Gammon

Such a wonderful story Robin! When Tommy and I lost Brio, we were terribly heartbroken and cried every day. We were also dead set against getting another dog and inflicting this type of pain on ourselves ever again. Robin understood deeply what we were going through, and gently and persistently persuaded me to come to the Richmond SPCA for a visit after several weeks had passed. Here I fell in love with Brooks, and Tommy and I have joyously fallen in love with her, too. Robin knew exactly what we needed to ease the pain and bring us peace again. A special loving THANKS from the the Gammons' to Robin and the Richmond SPCA.

Julie Burley

She's beautiful! Would make a great spokeskitty for the Milk Advisory Board (lactose-free, of course!).

What a wonderful story, and thanks for sharing, and opening your heart once again!


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