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October 19, 2012


Wayne Proffit

Robin Starr can attempt to paint a gruesom picture of fox penning. It is amazing that she is able to do this with no eye witness experience. How many fox pens has she visited? How many walks has she taken inside one of these enclosures to see how it operates and just how many escape options are available to the fox when they so choose to make use of one? I do not see how she can relate this to dog fighting? Does she really think the mouunted fox hunters don't catch and kill foxes in the wild as well, again something I'm sure she has not mounted up and tried to see how that to is done. I don't really know if she should be matched to Hitler but wasn't his fame to brain wash his people. Those that are opposed should get a first hand experience and go on a hunt in a fox pen and ask to see how it is operated, how the foxes are cared for, see just how crafty a fox is when pursued etc. I know of a single individual last year that had been brain washed by false accusations, that after visiting a pen first hand did a 360 on her attitude towards them and spoke of suport. Don't take Robin Starr's opinion and let us not forget that Robin mentioned that she is not behind HSUS, I can tell you this by first hand experience she was elbow to elbow and shoulder to shoulder with them at last years hearing at the Capital on fox penning.

Robin Starr

Mr. Proffit, it is true I have not visited a fox pen during an active chase of prey by dogs. Frankly, I couldn’t stand to watch the horror that ensues. Similarly, I don’t need to watch murder or the commission of any other violent crime to know that it is morally repugnant. Regarding your statement that a visitor to a pen who had opposed fox pens beforehand did a 360 after the visit doesn’t demonstrate any achievement of “progress” on your part in convincing her that this act is anything less than what it is – abhorrent. In fact, if she did a 360, she came right back to where she started.

Fox penning is offensive to people who love animals. It should also be offensive to those who identify themselves as ethical hunters. Moreover, the continued analogy of me and others who care deeply about the wellbeing of other sentient beings to Hitler is offensive to anyone who recognizes the atrocities that he inflicted upon so many during the Holocaust.

Lastly, I said that the HSUS was not the only organization that opposes fox pens. The Richmond SPCA very certainly also opposes fox pens, and therefore we are aligned with HSUS and a host of other individuals and organizations on this important issue. In fact, by a margin of 8 to 1, Virginians oppose having fox pens in our state. So, you and others who share your support of fox pens, are very much in the minority.

Lee Anne Holdren

I have an idea - since fox penning is so much fun for all of the participants, including the fox, let's start using domestic pet cats in these pens instead of foxes. Wait a minute, does that sound a bit too much like what happens to stray animals and even pets who have the misfortune to cross a dogfighter's path, and end up as 'bait animals'? On second thought, let's abandon that idea.

I'm also glad to see that proponents of fox-penning are invoking one of my favorite journalists in their sound and fury. Dave Barry once said that to win arguments, compare your opponent to Adolf Hitler. To quote Mr. Barry: "This is your heavy artillery, for when your opponent is obviously right and you are spectacularly wrong. Bring Hitler up subtly. Say: 'That sounds suspiciously like something Adolf Hitler might say' or 'You certainly do remind me of Adolf Hitler." Well done, fox penners.

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