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July 17, 2012


Karen Gammon

What a wonderful, informative article about Eileen! I cannot imagine what she has been through. I know firsthand what a loving, compassionate and sensitive person she is and how much she loves animals. The ones she shares her life with are truly blessed. Robin, so grateful to you for taking the time to write this blog, Eileen really deserves this honor.

Mari Valentenyi

Aside from the egregious abuse of power, how can an aco/deputy sheriff perjure herself several times? It shows a complete disrespect for the law. She shows judgement so bad that it cost taxpayers hundreds of thousands of dollars in court ordered repayment of Ms. McAfee's attorney's fees, not to mention the other costs of the trial. How does she still have a job? This mean spirited woman has no sense, nor does she have the ethics we should demand of people on the public payroll. She needs to be fired and prosecuted for perjury!

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