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July 13, 2012


Catherine Ross

As a resident of Henrico County and a caretaker for feral cats, I am fully in support of Susan Mills and her wonderful attorneys as they stand up for her rights and hope they prevail. She is being a caring and responsible animal advocate and the county should not presume to dictate what she does on private property. Will we be told to remove bird and squirrel feeders because bringing those animals into our yards is not a permitted use? For those of us who feed and care for ferals, we did not seek out this heavy and costly responsibility but we cannot turn our backs on these innocent animals either.

Lee Anne Holdren

I completely agree with the above comments about Ms. Mills and the great attorneys from LeClair Ryan. I am also a resident of of the county and I find it troubling that while Ms. Mills is targeted for her kindness and compassion, Henrico law allows my next door neighbor to have a chained dog outside for years in all kinds of weather. Is this the kind of 'property right' we want to support, while denying the other? I think not.

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