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February 21, 2012


Karen Gammon

This is incredible! My first thought after reading this is that more people will consider adopting since they will have less worry about expensive veterinary care. This is wonderful news for the community and for compassionate animal lovers.

Shelby Letellier

I am very pleased to hear about this. It is definitely needed. I hope that my kitten and I qualify for it. I have taken in many cats over the years which my kids or grandkids could not keep. I recently took in a new kitten to save it from going to a shelter. She needs shots and spaying which I cannot afford right now. I will be calling on the 27th. Thank you.

Tina Williams

This is an un-met need in so many communities. Thanks, Richmond SPCA, for stepping up to the plate (again)!

PK Cowley

This is a wonderful plan and so desperately needed. Many people delay veterinarian care due to the extremely high costs--though many well-meaning vets price the best they can for their patients. I feel sure that now more low-income people will feel enabled to adopt. I never thought cost would prevent me from adopting, as I've adopted, taken in, or fostered as many as six dogs at a time. But I did reach my financial limit. At present our brood is down to one special needs dog adopted from Richmond SPCA. I long to adopt another, perhaps now I can really do so.

Leslie Altizer

Why can't it be this way everywhere? It should be this way everywhere.

Martha Dula

Thank you, Robin and the Richmond SPCA. You know I have wanted this for the Seniors for Seniors program from the outset.

Linda Maroney

Just when I thought the Richmond SPCA couldn't get any better - they open this new clinic. By volunteering with the Pet Pantry, I have first hand knowledge of how much this clinic is needed. Every pet and their owner deserve access to affordable Veterinary care and now they have it.

Laura Donahue, The Humane Society of the United States

What a tremendous accomplishment! The Richmond SPCA is a model organization and this clinic is a much needed component in ending unnecessary euthanasia of companion animals. Way to go Robin and team!

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