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January 25, 2012


Bobby Newman

we dont worry bout your hobbies dont worry bout ours if you dont know the truth which im sure you realy do not meet me at a pen and we'll see together how many are caught (none). you people use videos from florida and alambama to make your judgements. Ive only seem coyotes caught in videos not fox coyotes are illeagal to have in pens in VA. We don't have nothing but foxs, and how do you know what a fox thinks your not Doctor Dulittle.

Robin Robertson Starr

I know I said that we would not publish comments from the fox penners, but I just have to make an exception for the comment above. Mr. Newman just so magnificently makes my case against fox penning for me. Here is his unedited comment with my thanks for his unwitting support.

Linda Maroney

What is wrong with people, what is this obsession with killing and torturing animals for sport?
Fox penning is like one team in the Super Bowl only being allowed to have one man on the field while the other team can have as many as they want. That one man is going to be crushed before he can get off the first play. What kind of sport is that?
Fox penning is also teaching the dogs that it is OK to chase and kill another animal. The next animal they decide to chase might be the family cat!

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