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December 14, 2011


Morgan Griffith

I stand and applaud you.

Ed Wesley

Thank you for all your hard work on behalf of animals. Rick Berman's actions are not those of an animal advocate, they are the actions of someone out to do as much damage as possible to *All* animal welfare groups.

Teri Skelton

God bless you for taking care of His creatures.
This is a perfectly written article. Nothing here which Berman can dispute as being untrue. For these reasons, I'm sure he sees you as an enormous threat.
Please know there are many people who will be on your side, ready to offer support if you need it. Just ask and we will be there.

Doris Muller

Rick Berman is one of the the weapons of mass destruction, a force of evil. He's a conscienceless creep.

Shelley Powers

I am sorry you've been hassled, but I admire you for not allowing Berman to bully you.

Yes, there are many of us on your side.

Randy DeCarlo

I'm trying to figure out what the difference is with threats coming from Berman to shut off dissent and the threats of lawsuits coming from Winograd inspired groups like No Kill Nation. Come to think about it - there isn't any difference.

Of course since Winograd's shares the same misinformed hatred for the HSUS as Berman I'm still left wondering who's side is Winograd on anyway?

Patty Shenker

“If I were to try to read, much less answer, all the attacks on me, this shop might as well be closed for any other business.”
Abraham Lincoln
Thank you for standing up to Rick Berman's lies and deceptions! He is a very ugly person- a Mr. Scrooge! Please don't buy his nonsense- and!

Robert Hayes

Guys like Rick Berman like women about as much as they like the truth. In his world, both exist to be manipulated in whatever way will benefit his narcissistic, if not sadistic, desires. Consequently, that very smart and well articulated letter written by a compassionate women - and an attractive women at that - is really gonna raise his ire. Psychopaths and bullies prey on the weak though so he will probably look elsewhere for another target at this point.

Heather Clemenceau

I`m sorry you were threatened. I`m making a personal mission to expose online bullying, and I tweet regularly about Berman. I hope some other mirror sites picked up on your oroginal article, which was excellent.

Doris Muller

I forgot to say, Berman exhibits emotionally immature behavior, and he is sociopathic. And those are his good qualities.

Zoe Speck

That's so lame! On a brighter note, I'm now going to donate to the HSUS - just because of all this! I wonder I can make the donation in Mr. Berman's honor :)


THANK YOU FOR STANDING UP TO THESE FRAUDULENT ORGANIZATIONS! All they are doing is trying hard to divert money from the effective and hard working and long standing organizations who are boots on the ground at every natural disaster, at every big dog fighting or puppy mill raid, undercover exposing labs and factory farms for the horror houses that they are... and as lobbyists FOR animal welfare legislation and publicists exposing all the anti animal legislation to the public who would otherwise NEVER know what our elected officials were doing against animals and FOR big businesses that get rich on animal suffering! THANK YOU and know that you have millions of INFORMED people that do their research and do NOT fall for the catchy names and propaganda from people like Rich Berman whom Rachel Maddow (bless her!l) exposed as just what he is.. a bought and paid for anti animal activist!

Carol Bova

You must have really struck a nerve with your first post. Sorry that you had to cope with Mr. Berman's legal action threats, but congratulations on handling it with style and grace. You're doing a great job!


Robin, you are one out-standing woman! I and my North Carolina group stand with you on every turn!

Linda Maroney

All those in favor of Robin raise your paw (or wing or hoof) - all those in favor of Mr. Berman raise your... oh where did they all go? Sorry Mr. Berman - you lost, again!

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