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November 17, 2011


Karen  Kantor

I started a petition on urging the board to reverse their decision. Please sign and share widely!

Amy Sanchez

I don't live in Henrico anymore, but would like to know if they still have kill-policy shelters. I would love to see this changed as well.

Tabitha Hanes

Hi Karen,
While we’re sure you have the best intentions in creating a petition, urging the Board of Zoning Appeals to reverse itself is not a productive endeavor. The case will go to the Henrico Circuit Court, which has judiciary oversight of such board decisions. While the court is not swayed by letters and petitions, we have listed on our website a number of meaningful actions people can take. These include displaying a yard sign if you live in Henrico county, writing letters to the editor and utilizing social media (such as reposting this blog for your network on Facebook and Twitter).

Thank you for your love of animals,

Linda Maroney

Yes, yes, yes - I'll pick up three signs when I volunteer this evening.
If everyone was a responsibile owner, there would be no feral cats. People need to realize that by feeding and caring for feral cats, we are working to reduce the stray cat population not increase it. We're not asking people to feed or care for these cats, only to allow Ms. Mills and others like her to care for these cats.

Shelby Walsh

Sorry.....but I disagree with this all. We have ferral cats in in our neighborhood. WHAT A MESS! An elderly lady feeds these cats. They are a nuisance. We cannot walk by her house with our dogs that are on leashes without our dogs go nuts and try to eat the cat's feces. Even our vet said NOT HEALTHY. Besides fleas, they harbor diseases, worms,and chaos. They go under our houses and you can smell them thru the heating ducts. Other dogs have tried to tear up their decks trying to get to these unwanted creatures. I prefer them out in the country or dead.

Robin Starr

Shelby: We are publishing your comment because it meets our requirements but I have to say that it shocks me in its utter disregard for the value of the lives of these innocent cats. You cite issues about the cats near you for which they are not responsible, such as your dog going nuts around them and their getting under your house. It is your responsibility to manage your dog’s behavior around other animals and to close openings under your house to prevent animals from getting in. You and your vet are mistaken about these cats presenting health risks. So long as a proper trap-neuter-return program is being provided and the cats are receiving rabies vaccinations, there is no rational reason to fear them for health or any other reason. Feral cats, and all animals for that matter, are sentient beings whose lives are deserving of our protection and whose suffering merits our concern and action to relieve it. We were granted a position of great dominance over other animals on this earth by virtue of our intelligence and that imposed on us a sacred responsibility to treat them with caring and respect, it did not give us license to treat them with selfishness and cruelty. I hope that you will think long and hard about your callousness.

Jeanne Bowles

I find Shelby's comments biased and founded on anger rather than fact.
Cats do not leave fecal material around...they dig an area and carefully cover up their fecal material, unlike dogs.
I care for both dogs and cats and I feed feral cats and have for years. Feral cats that are managed are healthy and do not cause problems. As a matter of fact they are effective mousers.
It is sad that folks like Shelby do not understand that we are here on this earth to be caretakers of the creatures over whom we have dominance.
It was Gandhi who said that the mark of a civilized society is how it cares for its animals. It is my hope that this young woman learns from the comments of those who know, understand and
care for these animals.
Jeanne Bowles

annie pelfrey

wow! someone can love dogs, yet want cats dead. hard to fathom the disconnect...

Kelly Vanneman

It is our responsibility to care for those less fortunate, this includes animals. I live in Henrico County and have feral cats around my house, they provide me with joy every morning and night when I see them. Further more, the decision by Henrico County is a slippery slope. What is next? I will not be allowed to feed the birds or the squirrels or even keep a backyard garden because this might attract birds, squirrels or feral cats. We must remember that the outdoors is their home and not just something to look out of our windows at.

K Tucker

First, Thank you Robin and LeclairRyan for fighting for personal rights and for defending the feral cats.

Secondly, is there anything that the community can do at this point? I've been tweeting about it, but don't have a facebook page. I plan to come by to pick up a sign for my yard. What else can I do? Thank you again!

Doris Muller

"The Board of Zoning Appeals ruled 4-1 on Oct. 20 that caring for feral cats is not a permitted use of residential areas because it is not a customarily incidental use to a residence." I wonder how many days and nights someone spent looking for this tool to assault Ms Mills with? It's obvious there was malicious intent on the part of the board and whoever did the complaining. I'm sick of elected bodies acting like tyrants! I hope those involved do not identify themselves as Christians.

Just another case of the cat Nazis in action. As big a concern here is the way elected bodies use their position to bully the public. I presume someone made a complaint. There is always unspoken hostility involved in these attacks on compassionate animal care individuals. Most often it is another cat Nazi who is mad because cats kill birds, which is programmed into the cat's DNA.

It is a perfectly reasonable expectation for a caring person to feed a domestic creature in need. We also feed birds, squirrels, and others because we feel compassion towards them. In my area, I also feed the raccoons and any other animal that is hungry.

Also to limit citizens to three cats! Where were these elected brutes born, in China? Some animal friendly lawyer should sue the city/county on that one. Geez, all the cat Nazis are despicable.

Tabitha Hanes

Hi K,
We appreciate your tweets and your plans to display a sign in your yard. Those are two of the recommendations we have shared on Supporters can also write letters to the editors of the Richmond Times-Dispatch and Henrico Citizen to bring additional attention to this case. We would also be grateful if you will make plans to attend the evidentiary hearing in Henrico Circuit Court. While the date and time has not yet been appointed, we will post that information as soon as it is available.
Thank you for your support!


I too have placed one in my yard as well and will try and get everyone i know to do same as well. what kind of country do we live in when our own county wants to tell us we can't be humane to other animals no matter what type that is just wrong. I am an animal lover and a rescuer . if we don't stand up for this one what's next ?? give them hell robin...

barbara biggerstaff

Thank you all for the love, knowledge, and support you continue to provide! I have just moved back to Henrico Co. - living in a condo so I can not display a sign BUT I will pick up a sign for my sister's home to display! Thank you, again.

to - Shelby Walsh ..... sigh ......

Sharon J. Hill

Thank you Robin, and the county of Henrico should thank those who care for feral cats--what a stigma for all the citizens if these fine creature would have to be killed.

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