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November 04, 2011


Ginny Blossom

Although I am bound by a contract to keep the details of my adoption private, I can tell you that my life has changed since I adopted a Pittie rescued from a very famous football players fighting ring in the local area. I adopted a lover, NOT a fighter. Despite his horrible start to life and behind his scars there is a gentle, loyal, loving, snuggle bug. This past summer a birds nest was knocked out of a tree during a storm. He brought me all four baby birds, one by one, in his mouth. He saved those birds and he saved me. When I think I am having a bad day....I think about what he had to go through. If he can still smile (and he actually does), so can I. Pitts are amazing pets and we ALL need to do our part to change misperceptions.

Katie Brennan

I am lucky to know the adorable Pittie, Bea. She is the sweetest, funniest and cuddliest dog. Thank you Anne and SPCA for saving her. Katie Brennan

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