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September 20, 2011


Kim Truitt-Moyer

I watched the news last night and was appalled about Henrico's attitude about helping the feral cats as well as being the only shelter around that still kills. I personally have rescued about 30 feral cats and responsibly caught, and had them spayed/neutered and immunized them. I then found homes for them or kept them myself. Henrico's animal control has not kept up with the times and need to do so ASAP.

Please let me know what I can do/call to help support this important cause.

Tamsen Kingry

Kim, thank you for your post and for your support of feral cats and their compassionate and effective management through Trap-Neuter-Return. You certainly can attend tomorrow morning's Board of Zoning Appeals meeting and express your opposition to the County trying to prevent citizens from being able to care for or feed feral cats. If the County Planning Office and the Department of Community Revitalization are allowed to succeed in their efforts, it will result in the killing of thousands of innocent cats. We appreciate your help in protecting and defending our precious animal companions.

Laura Pierce

I think this is unspeakable, especially with a committed volunteer & the SPCA's help to ensure the population is successfully managed. I've been in contact with Alley Cat Allies in DC who have been wonderful with giving me some materials to hand out to better educate the public & are interested in helping. I've been advocating this through various social media channels as well. I'd love to help in any other ways.

Lexus Luke

A classic example of government with no logic.

Wouldn't be more cost effective to help people like Ms. Mills in their efforts to sterilize the feral cat population? The answer is yes, unless someone in your local government just hates cats.

Good luck to Ms. Mills.

Danease Gresch

Alley Cat Allies is a wonderful source for information on TNR and how to deal with feral cats, keep them safe and protected. I know many wonderful people who take care of these unwanted cats and it is a labor of love. I support Alley Cat Allies and think they need to be contacted to have their voice heard in this matter. If we let the government have their way, they will exterminate every stray cat or dog they find. We need to fight this!!

Tabitha Hanes

Thanks for your comment, Danease. Our CEO, Robin Starr, spoke with Alley Cat Allies yesterday, and she first made them aware of Ms. Mills case early this spring. They have backed our work to advocate for Ms. Mills and support her appeal before the Board of Zoning Appeals. If you're on Alley Cat Allies' email list, you will have gotten a message this afternoon that they sent to encourage their local constituents to attend the board meeting on Thursday morning at 9 a.m. By having many feral cat advocates in attendance, we will demonstrate to county administrators that residents want cats to be treated humanely.

Jennifer Shamrock

I wish I could attend. I am taking care of feral cat colony and thanks to the SPCA they are no longer multiplying and they are living out happy little lives. The ones that I can pick up I have taken to my vet for check ups and eventually I will bring them in as pets once I don't have dogs. It takes a lot of work to be able to pet them and get them from not being scared but they eventually come around.

Kristen Stone

I'm interested to hear what Henrico county defines as "companion" animal. Would it be, perhaps, an an animal of which a human spends time with, derives happiness from the union, and feeds and supports? If that is the case, I'm feeding a flock of cardnials who would be considered "companion" animals. Will they come tell me that my property is not put to proper use? For that matter, would an ant colony treated the same way, since they, too, are "feral?" There are so many loopholes to this law, it should be an easy win. I hope.

Traci Lovelace

This is a shame. I lived in Henrico county for many years. I once went to zoning to apply for a variance to get a "kennel license" so that I could care for several ferals "legally". The person at the counter told me that they could take my $250 fee, but the county would not grant a variance in a residential neighborhood. Thankfully,I wasn't receiving citations. Feral cats are not companion animals. They are a result of irresponsible humans who allowed their unaltered pets outside, and it is a crime that the "solution" so often is death for them. TNR works and it would work much better if municipalities embraced it instead of making it a crime.

Tabitha Hanes

Hi Traci,
Virginia State Code defines feral cats as companion animals, so they thankfully receive all the same protections under the law afforded to pet cats and dogs.
Thank you for your love of animals and care for feral cats.
Tabitha Hanes
Director of Communications

Tomi Woodward

Honestly, do this "officials" have nothing better to do than harass someone that is trying to help helpless animals? I believe those of us who are "responsible" pet owners and helpers like Ms Mills should receive some sort of TAX deduction and/or be able to claim our animals as dependents justlike we do our children. After all if we didn't take care of them then who would? THAT'S RIGHT...those "officials" in the county who sit in their ivory towers all day passing out "violations". FIND SOMETHING ELSE TO DO besides picking on som eone who CARES and DOES SOMETHING GOOD for the COMMUNITY !!!

Ed Moore

It's a shame when someone submits an opposing view you do not approve/post them. There were no personal attacks or derogatory comments in what I submitted.

Tabitha Hanes

Mr. Moore,
I'm the moderator for the Richmond SPCA Blog and cannot find any other comment you have submitted. Could you either try again or email me directly? My address is

I attempted to email you at the address you entered when you submitted the above comment; however, your address does not appear to be accepting messages and my emails were returned.

Thank you,
Tabitha Hanes
Director of Communications
Richmond SPCA

Gilda Owen

Your message is far reaching. Though I live in SC, our community faces similar challenges. Thanks to all who help save the ferals. A special thanks to Ms Mills. She's a hero.

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