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July 12, 2011


kimberly dickerson

I am so outraged by this!! You are absolutely right. . .this is selfishness. Outright murder if you ask me. The residents who were in favor of this should be ashamed of themselves.

Faith James

So much for being a good steward of the earth, they just don't get it. idiots! The people of Canterbury Lake should moved to a better suited environment like downtown Richmond where is is no wildlife except maybe roaches.

Rachael Lumpkin

Absolutely horrible!!! I can't believe that any animal control officer or USDA employee would actually agree to participate in this act of murder. And I can't believe that these residents would actually go on TV and proudly announce that the geese will taken care off. Makes me sick!!!

Kristin Olbert

I'm pretty much speechless. Some people are just so ignorant.

Janet Harris

Humans; they disgust me. I have directed traffic at several areas on Broad St and Cox Rd as the ducks and geese cross the road. I could not imagine wanting an animal killed because they are a nuisance. Humans are a nuisance to the animals. Ppl wake up; if this kind of situation becomes frequent, we will have no animals to show our grandchildren.

Linda Newcomb

Selfishness,ignorance and arrogance reign once again when it comes to our wildlife. Shame on all who find this to be an acceptable solution to their inconvenience.

Mark McIntyre

You may want to alert the parties involved about this article which describes how a group in Massachusetts has successfully used decoy coyotes to rid a lake of Canadian geese.

Eileen McAfee

When all is said and done, will it really have been worth it to “trade a lawn for a life?”

Yes, I know it's easy for someone who is not affected by an experience to judge another’s behaviour. But in this case we’re talking about killing many beautiful, gentle beings and for what? A patch of greenery?

Please, Jane and Bob Schmidt, I ask you to step back and look through another lens at what you are about to undertake, condone, and pressure others into doing for you. See the broader picture other than the narrow view from your home’s window. First of all, how lucky you are to live on a lake! How lucky you are to live so close to nature with beings who have trusted you enough to have chosen to live near you!

Now imagine actually killing these geese yourselves - the chaos and absolute fear you will instill in them, as mated-for-life partners and their little offspring are torn apart from each other. You will be there for the round up and the killing, right? Or will you hide so you don't have to put up with that unpleasant sight either?

You have an awe-inspiring miracle of unique animal behaviour right in front of you, but you can’t appreciate it and worse, you don’t even know it. Are you really willing to be seen in perpetuity (on the Internet!) as killers? Haven’t we had enough of the Michael Vicks and the Casey Anthony’s of the world, disturbed individuals who killed for their own convenience when they tired of the beings who trusted them?

There is a better way - for your own peace of mind and for the geese.

marcy balkan

canada geese mate for life and who knows how many will be left without their mates, not to mention their offspring. I have no doubt there are many other ways to deal with this issue but it may be a bit more time consuming, and as long as the home owners don't have to do the dirty deed themselves, they dont have to think about what they are making/letting happen.

Jessica Stovall

This is Jessica Stovall in Dinwiddie County. I will be glad to take some of these geese to live on my pond with domestic geese. Please ask the authorities to allow this as this will be a safe haven for the birds. The entire pond is fenced in and I have the proper food to feed them!

Eileen McAfee

For Jessica Stovall re your offer to take some of the geese: Please call Scott Barras (804)739-7739 about your generous and humane offer. He is the State Director of the VA Wildlife Services and has been involved in the Canterbury Lake geese issue.

Tamsen Kingry

We have created an online petition for your signature. To voice your opposition to the Canterbury Lake Association's decision to allow the USDA to remove and kill the geese, please visit: Thank you for your love of animals.

Mary Mordica

This is a company used to manage Goose populations in Mechanicsville, and appears to be a possible long term solution. The Canterbury Lake Board should at least be willing to look into some alternative means.

Connee Fox

See how easy a humane solution can be! Thanks to the Richmond SPCA, to Jessica Stovall, and the Virginia Wildlife Services. I've put this story on my Facebook page. I frequently see these geese feeding when I walk through the field in front of the Jeff Davis Highway Food Lion on my way to the bus stop. I hope you will be posting a happy ending update to this story soon!

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