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June 02, 2011


Sandy Gray

That's a very fitting tribute and a lovely commentary on what really matters in life!

The pain of losing a pet never goes away, it stays with you. All you have left are those special moments to treasure forever.

Well written, thank you!

Catherine Haywood

Max will always live on in your heart. Once you become best freinds with someone or you love on that level it never leaves you until you meet again with fond memories that give you a little chill.... but makes you warm all the same- then it's confirmed and you know that true love and you two never really will be capable of parting-love is eternal.

Tina Williams

How loving. . . A wonderful rememberance of a delightful friend. This is exactly why I give in memory of my 4-footed kids who have passed on and why I will continue to adopt rescued animals. There's nothing like it.

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