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April 03, 2011


Katherine Harris

Four years ago I went to the SPCA looking for a pal for my German Sheperd. I stated up front that I did not want a pit bull or a pit mix. Wouldn't you know it, a young pit mix jumped up and down in his pen saying - I swear! - "Take me, take me." Out he came so we could get to know him. So far, so good. Next we introduced him to our GSD. That went well too. How would he be with cats? They brought a cat into the room and he sniffed the cat and then went back to playing with us, our dog, and the toys. We brought him home and have always been glad that we did. He is smart and well behaved. He is gentle with little kids, cats, and small dogs. He is our 100 pound lap dog and we are pit bull fans.

Val Nieters

I have never bought in to the bad hype on pit bulls. I have known a few and everyone of them was as sweet as any dog could be.

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