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March 23, 2011


Angi Baber

Couldn't agree more! Whoopi Goldberg lost me with her ridiculous comments about Michael Vick. I'm from the south and I know better - and SO DID HE! The fact that she defended him turned me off of her so I was unaware of her latest comments. As someone who has seen dogs from puppy mills firsthand - seen their fear of humans due to lack of love/affection and their horrible health problems due to a complete lack of even the most basic veterinary care - I'm beyond shocked. Ugh! Perhaps Ms. Goldberg should be invited to a puppy mill raid so she can see what her "rights" are doing to other living creatures.

Janet Harris

Whoopi Goldberg says whatever she wants to say because she knows she can get by with it. Most compassionate human beings feel that puppy mills are disgraceful and that Vick should never be allowed to have animals. She is being political with her "rights". Emphasis on "rights". Compassion towards animals is not on her agenda.

Claudia Yelton

Ms. Goldberg in seriously lacking in compassion and intellect. I do not watch, listen or read any performance in which she show, movie or written word. Some people just do not warrant a modicum of my attention.

Ouida Gwinn

You are right on !
Today she made a critical statement about a woman who went into the cold Hudson River to save her dog. She asked," Would YOU do this?"
She is going the way of Rosie, with her rants !

Jene Nelson

I sent Ms. Goldberg a copy of my documentary, I Breathe. I hope she will watch it. Perhaps she will reconsider her views...

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