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January 20, 2011


Jen Miller

Is there any way you can send me pictures/bios of the rescued puppies? Will they be posted online?

Tabitha Hanes

Hi Jen,
A first gallery of photos are on our Facebook page:

We don't have any bio information to provide since they just arrived this afternoon. They have a long road ahead that will begin with a full evaluation by our veterinary team to develop a course of treatment. Our training staff along with volunteers will also begin working to socialize them and provide behavioral rehabilitation since puppy mill dogs don't yet know what it is to be a pet.

We'll keep everyone posted on their progress here on our blog as well as through Facebook.

Elizabeth Foster

How can we find out when they will be ready for adoption? When can they be seen?

Marikay Shaw

We adopted a puppy mill rescue from the Washington Animal Rescue League 3 years ago. She is a King Charles Cavalier Spaniel about 4 years old. One of the things that made the transition easier was the fact we already had two dogs - a golden retriever and a spaniel/retriever/pomerian mix rescue. - all females. She bonded with them almost immediately. It took time and patience but we now have a dog who sleeps on my husband's back, is a complete velcro dog and has finally learned that everyone is not evil. It took about 18 months before she would let a stranger pet her but now she seeks them out. She is a tremendous joy and I am trying to convince my husband we should rescue one these dogs too!

Tabitha Hanes

@Elizabeth - Since their medical conditions vary, so will the treatment plans for each of these 16 dogs. Among other conditions, they are all suffering from dental disease, which will require treatment, and of course they'll all be spayed or neutered. Once our veterinary and behavior teams clear them for adoption - for some this may be in as little as a few weeks, but for those requiring more intensive rehabilitation it could be longer - our adoption counselors will contact those who have indicated interest by placing their names on our wish list. If you would like to be added to the wish list, please visit our humane center at 2519 Hermitage Road. However, if you'd just like updates on their progress, keep an eye on our blog and Facebook page.

William Brooks

I'v placed my name on the wish list for possibly one of the Missuri chihuahua's. I have 3 rescused big and little ones already. But always room for another member of the family. I am especially drawn to the chihuahua's because we just lost our Muir this January 1st after having her for 22 years. I will put my name on your wish list every week until, hopefully, someone calls me

Tabitha Hanes

@ William - Thanks for visiting our center to add your name to our wish list. The list is refreshed every three weeks, so a weekly visit isn't necessary, but we always love to have animal lovers come by and visit our adoption center. You never know, your match could be waiting to meet you.

William Brooks

I'm still coming in filling out wish list, It seems T.J and Mojo of the Misouri dogs have been adopted. That still leaves Dani and Zorro. The young lady at front desk, very helpful, but couldn't pull up information on the remaining chihuahuas. I would like to hear back about them....:)

Tabitha Hanes

@William - I've shared your comment with our adoption staff, and one of our counselors remembered talking to you. They're aware you're on our wish list, and hopefully you'll be getting a call soon. Our adoption staff are unable to access information about pets who have yet to be cleared for adoption by our veterinary and behavioral teams, so that's likely why there was not more info to share. Thanks so much for your visit and desire to give an orphaned pet a loving home.

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