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August 03, 2010


Melissa Gray

How unsurprising that these vile people that would defend the cruel, illegal activity of dog fighting would hide behind an anonymous alias on the Internet.

They are pathetic examples of human beings and the dregs of society.

Karen Gammon

I am so glad this was posted here, as I so wanted to leave a comment on the TD site and was too late. Those of us that accept our animal companions as precious gifts also realize we have to share the planet with inhumane humans. We know they exist and we know we have little hope of changing them. M. Vick will always be thrilled by dog-fighting, and nothing, not even prison will change that. What bothers me is the cruel people that actually consider themselves to be responsible pet owners. I worry about the animals in their care. My dog, Brio, is far more evolved emotionally than most humans when it comes to the art of forgiveness, acceptance and accepting each new day with anticipation and enthusiasm. How sad that some humans do not learn this from their canine companions...just one of the many fabulous things we can glean from spending our lives with animals. I have spent the past 12 years involved with the Richmond SPCA and have always, every single time I have visited the center or had any interactions with the staff and volunteers, seen nothing but compassion, respect and hard work generously given to the animals in their care. What an incredible sanctuary and also a gift to the the community. Robin Starr, you rock!

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