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July 19, 2010


Susan Beals

Basically, no one has the right to hurt or abuse a living creature, whether animal or human being. It has been proven, as well, that perpetrators who inflict pain and suffering on animals will consequently do so to people. Therefore the punishment of animal abusers is highly justified as they could likely be a danger to society. "Soul" is actually defined as that part of the living creature's mind, will and emotions. It is easily observed that both people and animals possess these personality defining qualities. If so, then if people stand by and allow animals to suffer then I suspect they would turn their face away from human suffering too. Compassionate people, indeed, respect and protect the innocent and helpless among us, whether four legs or two because kindness is foremost in their mind, will and emotions.

Kara Wood

I can hardly stand not commenting on this piece so I will.
First Robin, you are totally on target when you talk about suffering weather it be humans or anamals. Both are able to suffer physical as well as mental pain and neglect.Many in our society look at animals as disposal commodities. If we are tired of the responsibility of a dog we put it on a chain in our back yard and throw it a little food to keep it alive. It wants nothing more than to be part of a family. I drive by the same dog day after day in the scorching heat just begging to interact and cool down. On occasion I see the owners drive up and walk into their house without even a glance at the poor guy. The dog wags his tail in anticipation,then sits back down in his dirt bed and only hopes that someone might notice him the next time they drive up or leave the house.The dog house he has is no good since the temps have been so high.Iam sure it becomes a furnace. Oh and from what I hear his chain and dog house were moved into the woods far from the house because he was killing the grass. Society in particular are more apt to neglect or abuse children and or animals. They have no real voice of their own.
The core of my comment is this.God Made each and everyone with a different plan in mind for their lives. I love children and those that have no voice as well as any animal.I do know with a powerful force that I have been sent in the direction to help save the lives of animals and ease their suffering. God gave the world balance and therefore wanted us to help all pain suffering and neglect of all species.If every person helped only children who would help the animals and vice versa.There are many other groups in society that also have no voice but they are to many to list. there is always someone that is called to help.That is the balance. The last person who gave me his angry opinion about why I was helping animals and not people wished he had never asked.I calmely explained that I am an advocate for all pain and suffering. That I have helped foster children as well as animals.I sponsor a child in Bolivia and have for the last 15 years. At this point in my life I have been called to foster animals.I asked him what he did towards helping those less fortunate instead of being angry at those that tried to make the world a better place.He just looked at me and moved on to the next topic.Go in the direction that you feel passionate about and never look back or question why.Just make the world a better place.

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