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July 13, 2010


Ashley Davis

I'm so distraught over this. Will you please keep me posted on Grace's condition? :(

Tamsen Kingry

Ashley, thank you for your post. We will be following this case closely and will keep supporters informed of developments we learn. Thank you for your concern and love for animals.

Brittany Hersman

this is completely sick. when you think you've seen it all it just keeps getting worse... Thinking of you Grace :(

Marysue Hall

I thank you for responding to this incident.
I continue to pray for Grace.
I am hoping that new laws will soon find their way into the system to protect innocent animal victims.
Also, I thank the VEC for their dedicated efforts to care for Grace and her family.
Many of us are in support of whatever efforts result and we will all be in court in Henrico in August.

alli heist

Please let us know when his court date is so we can support the puppy and her family and let him know that this behavior is not acceptable.

Marysue Hall

Here is the court information:

Mack Donald Hudson
Case Number: GC10048070-00
Charge: Cruelty to Animals: Generally
Class 1 Misdemeanor

8/11/2010 9:30 a.m.
Henrico County General District Criminal Court

Allison Drezek

How horrible! My thoughts go out to Grace and her loving family. Let's hope the justice system works the way we would like it too.

Kristen Schemmel

Will anyone else be going to the courthouse on the 11th to demonstrate and support the family?

Tamsen Kingry

Kristen, we've been contacted by many individuals following this case, and they have shared their interest in attending the trial with us.

Chandra Hulcher

This is a heartbreaking case. My prayers are with Grace and her family. I hope Mr. Hudson gets prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

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