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July 14, 2010


Ashley Davis

I am so happy to hear that! What an amazing little puppy. Thanks for the update

Mary McNeil

I hope that Grace will recover fully and will be back at home with her family and frisbee. Best wishes to you both.

Marysue Hall

I am delighted to hear that Grace is doing so well.
It is wonderful that even though she has been through a terrible experience the love from her heart is still there. She knows she is loved and that gives her the will to fight.
We depend on this site for information on her status so please continue to let us know.
Grace remains in our prayers every day.
Marysue Hall

Allison Drezek

YYEEAAHHH for Grace and her very loving family! Hopefully she will be home running and jumping with her sister soon!

Marysue Hall

Did I hear something on the news this morning about Grace going home?
Please let us know how she is.
Thank you.
Msue Hall

Holly Thomas    (Mea)

Thats AWSOME!!!! I know it must be such a rough storm to experience and be forced to crawl through. Even though I cant say that I have experienced this specific kind of circumstnce myself, I am Grateful to say that I can still understand the amount of stress, pressure and pain that this situation has brought onto you. Believe me... Life itself is teacher of its own. Nevertheless, Theres a positive in every negative. Even when you may not beable to see it at the time. Grateful... Grace made it and is getting better every day!! See, you both made it through the storm.

Tamsen Kingry

Marysue, I believe Grace had surgery to repair her shoulder injury on Friday, and she continues to recover at the Veterinary Emergency Center under the watchful eye of veterinary professionals.

Tamsen Kingry

We just received a message from Grace's guardian that Grace is now home with her loving family where her recovery will continue.

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