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June 18, 2010


Doug Kipps

I have been following the articles leading up to yours and I am also looking forward with great anticipation and optimism to the future and all we have in store to do for the animals of our community under your Leadership and along with the rest of the great people of the Board of Directors, Management, Staff, Volunteers and Supporters of the RICHMOND SPCA. Reading the various articles written on how each one of the various people became involved in Animal Welfare was very enjoyable reading. The story of the Veterinarian attending her 25 TH Reunion, the little girl with the enormous dog on campus, the Intern who found her dream employer out of college, the article by Jody Jones of RAL, the IBM employee with the one dog that a chance encounter that changed a life and career, to 13 years of your leadership gave me more insights into the lives of various people involved in operation of the Richmond SPCA.
Many thanks to a job well done to everybody and a job that I am sure will be in the Best Interests of the Common Goal of Animal Welfare and I am glad that I have been part of supporting the interests of the Richmond SPCA for the short time that I have been involved.
I can honestly say I do understand the various challenges that are face everyday in the best interests of Animal Welfare.
The story of SNAP was very inspiring to me and was a perfect conclusion of some excellent articles.

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