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May 04, 2010


Bradley Hanson

As much as I agree with adopting from a shelter and have literally adopted EVERY pet I've ever had since childhood froma shelter- I don't think it's right to bash breeders. Purebred dogs deserve love as much as mutts do and they have their place in this world too. I feel like this piece is a bit of inverted snobbery.


In my opinion a Responsible Breeder wouldn’t feel like they was being Bashed or whatever the term is. At the same time you will not find a Breeder out there that will state that they are an Irresponsible Breeder. So in all actuality it very well can be a Mythological Term.
Please consider Adoption from your Local Shelters or Rescue Group.
Also please SPAY AND NEUTER your Pet.
There is plenty of Purebreds, Mutts, etc available at all of the locations available for Adoption.
Unfortunately in a lot of places quite a few of these animals end up being euthanized.
At least in VA the use of GAS CHAMBERS to Euthanized has been stop. This is not true in other States where they still use GAS CHAMBERS to Euthanized the Animals that are dump.
All of the dogs I have ever had in my Lifetime as been Mutts until I ended up giving the one I have now a Home.
I have an AKC Purebred Best of Breed that came from a Breeder. The story on how she ended up with me is not important.
She has been SPAYED. Unfortunately I don’t even want to think what would had happen to her considering the Health Issues she has if she would ended back up in one of those States that still use the Gas Chamber before I became her Guardian.
I would most likely think she would at least have 2 litters of Puppies considering her so called Pedigree Line.
Then the question becomes what would have happen to her.
Thank goodness she is still with me. My Purebred AKC B.O.B of Westminster is very much Love by me.

Karen Gammon

I was shocked at the slap in the face to Bob Barker, with his "Bob Barkerism" comment. Bob Barker may be a little extreme, but I would love to know how many
"Price is Right" viewers paid attention to him and DID spay or neuter. Steve Dale has a HUGE audience at his disposal and could do so much more for homeless animals by being more like Bob Barker. It would be great if he could end each of his columns with the plea to adopt/spay/neuter. Actually, what WOULD be great is for the TD to replace this column with one written by the incredible staff members at the Richmond SPCA!


Just to clarify my comment my dog is the second generation of the progeny of an dog whose Pedigree states that the dog was B.O.B. Westminster.

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