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May 28, 2010


Doris Ann Kane

Our family adopted Arrington October 2009.
The very first thing I did was promise him no matter how much time he had left in his life, it was going to be the best life he EVER had. It took several months for him to learn what play was. He has a very serious heart condition and is on medication with visits to our vet on a regular basis. He is deaf. He has a dry skin condition. His food is by prescription only. He use to go to sleep standing up. He would hoard his food. He trusted no one. All of this because of the horrible conditions at the puppy mill where he was ABUSED. After showering him with love, kindness, fun -- lots of fun -- he is thriving. He rules at our home! He has toys everywhere! Beds too. Buddy Biscuits that I buy at the SPCA giftshop are his very favorite. He is constantly at my side -- he never leaves my feet. Ever! Trips to NY are his very favorite. I will always have a special place in my heart for the Richmond SPCA...and our beloved Arrington. How very sad he lived the first 5 years of his life like this -- 5 years. How horrible is that. But he will never, ever experience that again.

JD Lemmon

One of the best posts I have ever read. What I love about your post is that you focused on the quality of your dogs life in the present. So many folks that adopt are so invested in the dogs past, they do not provide the enrichment that you have. It does not take a long time undo what has been done.

Incredible work.


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