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October 29, 2009



I keep my cat inside too and sometimes wonder if it's the right decision. Personally, I think there are real health perks to letting them go out and roam around (more exercise for sure!) but then... as you mention, there are a lot of risks too. I always had outdoor/indoor cats when growing up but watched my last cat die much younger than he should of (he was an athletic cat who lived twice as long as predicted when diagnosed) from FIV. It wasn't only a very painful experience for him but also somewhat exhausting and painful for me too. His constant sneezing - often producing blood - everywhere in his last years was only one problem.

Anyway, sometimes I feel like an overprotective mother, but my cat - another SPCA adoption - seems pretty happy all in all and at least gets to stalk the birds from a screened-in porch.

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