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October 16, 2009


JD Lemmon

Is there any way to tell if a feral cat has already been neutered?

Tamsen Kingry

JD, great question, and yes, there is a universal way to tell whether a feral cat has already been neutered. After the surgery, the tip of the cat's left ear is cut. So, if you see a cat whose left ear has been tipped, you will know that he or she has already been fixed.

Judy Evers

When my ferals were neutered through the SPCA and Operation Catnip, one of their ears was snipped. The tip was cut off while they were undergoing surgery. It's not much, but it's pretty easy to spot (at least it is on mine). And I didn't know that today was Feral Cat day! I'll put out a special treat for my "family" today. :)

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