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August 27, 2009


Debbie Clark

Dear Robin,
As a personal and professional friend for over 25 years, my heart goes out to you and your family and the Richmond SPCA. I have been a fan and supporter of the SPCA since your predecessor Margret Williams (who did a great service to our community as well), but I have seen the bar raised under your leadership and your community support over the years, and this tradegy should no way tarnish the reputation of the SPCA and all that you have given back to the community and the animals. Thank you for continuing to lead this organization by educating our community and finding new financial avenues to provide programs for the unfortunate animals and their owners during these difficult economic times. I know you sacrificed both personally and professionally for this organization, and all my SPCA pets and my family thank you and your family, Debbie (Hanover Friend)

Ann Richmond, VA

"Rub other peoples mistakes out, not in". What happened to the Starr's dog was tragic. This is obviously a mistake that should be forgiven and forgotten. Do not let this incident take away the numerous ways Robin has helped animals. It would be a sad, sad day for the animals of Richmond if Robin stepped down. I hope that she does not bow to the critisicm.

Leona Sheddan

Richmond SPCA President Robin Starr has been an integral part of the animal welfare movement in this country. Because of her leadership, support and innovative initiatives, many positive changes have come to the community as a whole. Robin’s guidance was crucial to the Jacksonville Humane Society’s transition to a no-kill animal welfare and education organization. We are grateful for her support and offer ours in her time of need. Humane education is crucial to the protection of our animals, and we trust that Robin would like us all to learn from this horrible accident. We offer our sincerest condolences to Robin and her family.

Leona Sheddan, Executive Director
Jacksonville Humane Society
Jacksonville, Florida


This was a horrible tragedy. Ms. Starr should in no way be pilloried because of it. It's so sad she lost a beloved pet. The only positive might be that such a terrible incident provides us all an opportuity to learn a bit more compassion for others who might do something similar. We all lose focus, or are forced into situations we did not make. Her husband is quite a gentleman in taking the responsibility for this. I wish all pet owners and non pet owners would learn from his example of "manning up". Kudos to both the Starrs.

Mary Wilson

My heart sank when I heard about your recent tragedy. It was the same feeling I got whenever I heard a similar story in the past. I now shudder at the uproar that continues from people who can't realize that this came as a result of a terrible sequence of events.

From earliest memory, I have been an amateur animal rehabilitator and I have provided an occasional foster home for dogs over the years. I still remember the animal adoption agencies moving in at the last minute to rescue animals whose time was almost up. (two such dogs still live with me). Because of your efforts, those days are nearing an end and your organization has helped to foster greater responsibility from those who choose to adopt a pet. I just wanted to take the time to let you know of my continued support for the causes you have worked so hard to establish. This, too, shall pass..... please keep up the good work!


I would like to know what all the critics of Robin Starr are doing for animals? Especially the special needs and senior dogs like Louie.

Comparing Robin Starr to Michael Vick is something I can't even wrap my head critics feel Robin should step down as CEO, but Michael Vick still gets to play football?

Denise Zapf

We are so sorry to hear what happened. This is a tragedy, but the sad news is that trajedy happens to humans and animals every day. We support Robin Starr and her family and pray for their comfort in this time of trial.


I am very sorry this tragic accident happened. It shows us that it could happen to anyone, even someone like Robin who loves all animals. It's funny how we love to point the finger at someone who we think is doing wrong, but yet we don't want others to judge us when we do wrong. This is an teachable moment and a time for love and forgiveness, not judgment. Bless you Robin and all the good work you do.

john page

This was a tradgic accident. All it proves is Ms. Star is human. She has given so much to the welfare of animals, without her work many animals would still be on the street in hopeless states. I volunteered at the shelter here in Richmond for a year and it is a wonderful facility. I never met her but she has to be a wonderful person to give so much to the neglected segment of our society and my heart breaks for her and her family for this tradgedy they have been through. I am praying for them and wish them God's peace. For anyone to compare her situation with Micheal Vick is ludicrous and cruel.

Lisa Williamson

I am grateful beyond words for the work that Ms. Starr has done for animals, but unfortunately, I think she has lost all credibility in criticizing pet owners whose animals die due to their owners' neglect.

How many people, when confronted with their animals´untimely deaths, will now say "It was an accident" or "Someone else was at fault"? What a shame.

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