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August 19, 2009



Glad you started the blog, I'll make sure to keep an eye out for your posts :)

Atticus and Cadbury seem happy you helped me find them.




Hi, Matt, thanks for being our first commenter! We're glad so glad you appreciate the new blog. Your photo albums of Atticus and Cadbury are terrific. We always love getting updates on our alumni.

Dougie Kipps

Thanks for starting an Blog.,0,6428083.story

I like to put out the word that their is an importance of making sure that your Animal are Vacinated against Rabies and updated on their shots.
Rabid Animals are being found more and more in the local area and if your Pets are not up to date on their Rabies Shots they are at risk.
Their has been a few cases in the Eastern Henrico area and other cases also throughout the Richmond area.
Thanks again for thr Blog

Betty Bancroft

I brought my Bouvier to get a chip last night. I have rarely experienced a more well run event. Congratulations! Not only for doing it but doing it so well.
Rick Betty & Stella


I do not think you can compare Michael Vick's situation to what happen to what happened to Robin Starr's dog. What Michael Vick did was of his own choice. What happened to Mrs. Starr's dog was an accident that could happen to anyone. I feel she has suffered enough. You can't judge a person on one mistake. Look at all the good she has done for thousands of animals.

Georgia Lucas

There is no comparison to Michael Vick. He INTENTIONALLY hurt dogs. Mrs. Starr made a mistake, or was even irresponsible but I cannot believe anyone would think this accident was intentional. If people were fired for every mistake, nobody would be working.

Alana Jung

People, judge not! I think in all of our lifetimes we all have done something that we are not proud of or hurt someone. I think personally I do not need the laws of Virginia to convict me. I (and I am sure Robin too) am my own worst judge and jury, with my brain being the best judge of my actions. The brain can cause a lifetime of regret and remorse, and there is no being parolled. Trust me, I know. Let Robin and her family grieve in peace and with respect! I sincerely send my condolences.


Losing an animal is a cause for grief.The Starr family deserves the time to grieve in peace.
I feel certain they are blaming themselves enough with out outsiders throwing verbal stones.
We need to support the work & continue to provide a place for all the dogs & cats the need a safe place.

Karen Day

I don't know Robin Starr and haven't lived in Richmond in over 40 years. I saw this article on line yesterday and saw the absurd comment being made and I just had to comment myself.

First of all, I offer sympathy to Mrs. Starr and her family. I take my Sheltie to my moms every morning and pick her up when I get off work. My dog like hers is so quiet you would never know she was back there so I can see from experience how this happened. The only time she gets up is when we arrive at our destination, but she can hear and see where Louie could not. My heart goes out to this family and with time they can heal.

Karen Day
Danville, Virginia

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