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August 26, 2009


Copeland Casati

We are SO sorry and devastated to hear of your tragedy and please know our thoughts are with you all.

Copeland Casati
copeland casati media

Janet Wiltshire

I read this online today on 12 News. I am so saddened by your loss. As a dog/cat lover and lover of nature, it breaks my heart that your precious dog died and that it was such a tragic accident for someone who loved animals to have this happen in your own life. Your family is in my prayers and I pray God's protection from all the hurtful things that people/media may say. You inspire many, including me, with the work that you do for the animal community. God bless you and your family as you grieve together.

John Taylor

Ms. Starr,
My condolences to you and your family. I hope that despite the attention that this tragedy has caused does not deter you from a lifetime of hard work and dedication. Deal with your grief and let others deal with shallow people.

barbara blair

my sympathy and sadness goes to robin and her family. she is a remarkable leader. my first dog was poisoned the same day i was volunteering at my spca(petersburg). it took me a long time to heal, but my love of animals kept me going and i know the star family will heal with the help of animals.

Jane Lanham

Wish I could be with Robin personally to offer her a hug. My heart breaks for her. You're right - this could happen to anyone and getting that word out is so important. Don't let the turkeys get you down, and please, please don't beat yourself up, Robin.

Charla Bjostad

Dear Robin And the Starr Family,

My heart goes out to you with the loss of Louie. My sweet dog came from the SPCA and I can't imagine your grief. Please know you are in my prayers to offer comfort.

Krista Smith

I'm so sorry about Louie! So sad my heart goes out to your entire family.


Shelly the Chic Crafty Chick

Oh my gosh, tears are streaming down my face. I know they all must be in such pain. Bless your hearts.

Sheila Wilkins

When things like this happen people forget we are human an we do make mistakes. No one I beleive would meaningfully leave a person or animal in a car.
We as humans, have to show compassion to anyone that this happens to, because it is truly a tragedy.

Kipley Herr

Very sorry to hear about the loss of your beloved dog.

Mary E. Archer

I am so sorry to hear about Louie. My heart goes out to you, your family, and the wonderful team at the Richmond SPCA...

Michelle Rodgers

I am very sorry for your loss. My heart goes out to you and your family.

Page Hyman

This is devastating news and should prove to ALL of us that pure accidents do indeed happen, and unfortunately to the best of us. I sincerely hope and pray that the media, public, and personal opinions will not cause Robin to waiver from her valued position in Richmond's animal rights/rescue. We need her. Look at all that she has done. I am so sorry for her loss of Louie. I cannot imagine how much she must be hurting right now. I just hope that she gets the time she needs to mourn the loss of Louie without also having to deal with public judgement. Robin and family, you are in my prayers.


Sorry for the loss and I hope you nobody starts leaving horrible comments...this was a tragic mistake.

Tara Lane

Mrs. Starr, I am so sad to hear about your loss, and these truly terrible circumstances. My thoughts and prayers are with you. Anyone who knows all the amazing things you've done for animals, and how many lives you've saved through your efforts, will understand that this was not your fault. Accidents happen and humans are doomed to make mistakes. It's just so tragic that this had to happen to you. You have my deepest sympathy.

Angela Kepus

I am so very, very sorry for your loss. This was a tragic accident and I hope you both realize that we support you and the incredible work you do at the SPCA. My thoughts & prayers are with you during this difficult time.

Jennifer in Verona, KY

I am so sorry to read about your beloved Louie. Please know that my thoughts & prayers are with you. Ignore the media hatemongers ... cherish the memories.


First of all my condolences. But just as I would never blame Ed Starr for Louie's death, despite his mistake, I don't believe SPCA should blame the new for reporting it. Seems rather self-serving to so earnestly go after those who also make mistakes, regardless of how innocent they are or how egregious as in the case of Michael Vick. This is a learning experience, albeit a very sad one, as the article says that this can happen to anybody ... and it obviously does. In my opinion the newspaper had every right to report this happening to the CEO of the local SPCA.

Gwyn Dekker

Please add my sad condolences to the Starr family. Words fail me.


An addendum... as I didn't see the news report I don't know what was said by "the turkeys" in the media, but as long as no one made any rude quips about Ed and Robin or Louie and simply reported the facts I stand by my previous post.


I'm so very sorry for your loss.

Nicky Ratliff

My most sincere condolences to you and your love ones. I can only imagine the horror, guilt and sadness you must be experiencing. The guilt is unwarranted even though I know it's there. This was a tragic accident and you and your husband in particular should take solace in the fact that Louie was loved and had a wonderful home. If he could tell you anything he's say thanks for such a great life and forgive yourself, I have.
Most sincerely, Nicky Ratliff Executive Director The Humane Society of Carroll County Maryland

Kasha Harver

I am so sorry to hear about Louie. My heart is with the whole family. It is a terrible loss - that of a beloved pet. And this must be very difficult time already, media notwithstanding.

My thoughts are with you.


Oh how heartbreaking. I am so very sorry for your loss. I can't imagine. Don't pay any attention to the negatives posted here.
The people who really care about your loss are who count.
I feel sorry for Janet, Charla and Michelle who have no compassion whatsoever and obviously have nothing better to do than blame people for something (an accident) they have no clue about.


My loving heart goes out to Robin, her family and everyone touched by the loss of Louie. Without judgment I must concur with Margaret Smiddy’s statement and agree with her second resolution idea. Robin is too valuable to let this tragedy destroy all of her important work. Don’t let her go!
Here is my idea which has probably already been available, but can be reintroduced in memory of Louie.
Similar to the blue handicap rear view mirror hanging tag, the SPCA could introduce something like a “Louie Let Me Know” tag in a bright color with the words “PET IN CAR” on the front and back. On the front, facing out a sticky or Velcro space for a picture of the pet/s and a line at the bottom for the pets name. Another small Velcro button would be for holding the tag on the dash for easy access.
This could help in case of wrecks, and to help remind the driver of the pet in the vehicle. The tag would come with step by step instructions on use, that the whole family could read and practice together. The person placing the pet in the auto should learn to be responsible for hanging the tag on the mirror, etc. Other thoughts might be a “bobble-head” “Pet in Car” for a back window or something for an antenna.
This may at times cause problems, but I feel it would clearly bring more attention to the safety of the pets and ultimately save lives. That’s a positive legacy which could be gained from this unfortunate experience. Of course funds raised from the sale of these tags would also help support each and every organization selling them. Please share these ideas with other animal orgs too.
This loss is Gods blessing to you. Your experiences and how you react are all Gods experiences and ultimately all of ours. I’m right here with you in love and support,

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